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Welcome to our little place in this ginormous inter web. I’m so thankful you popped in to see what we’re up to. We are in some very exciting new beginnings, a fairly familiar place where we’ve learned to adapt rather well within the last few years. As California transplants to North Idaho and coming off the huge adventure of uprooting our brood of boys and all we knew to go where we felt led…we are starting brand new, literally from the ground up to build the life we dreamed. It’s exciting, thrilling, liberating and so much hard work! But we can’t imagine doing anything else! We love growing our food, sticking to the more natural and slow food system, living simply and debt free, living by faith and loving others.

At the moment we’ve been residents here for a year now! We found the land we’ve longed to call our own, to deeply sink our roots down and raise up our four boys. We’re living in a 240 sq. ft. trailer off the grid, no running water, sewer or electricity in the wild woods. We have a couple of cows for milk and meat and have plans for chickens, grow a garden, harvest and preserve as much food as we can for our family. This year’s building plans include drilling a well, installing a septic system and quite possibly build a shop with living quarters. We’re so excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to share the process with you!

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