Honey Fermented Garlic

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I recently shared on Instagram a cold remedy our family uses that really works! In one of my many “natural remedy for_____” google searches I came across the idea of fermenting garlic in honey. Intrigued and attracted to the idea I found a simple recipe to make it happen. I loved that there was so much information about the process, the wonderful benefits of raw garlic and honey and why we should be using it during cold season! I made our first batch about a year ago and it just gets better with time. I recently started up a bigger batch and employed two of my boys to help, it’s that easy! Read on if you care to know why we switched to more natural cold fighting methods, or just keep scrolling to the bottom for the link 😉

It’s been quite a few years since we started to shy away from over the counter medicines and replacing them with more natural, food based remedies. I was tired of paying for the numerous bottles for every single thing and frustrated that they didn’t actually heal the body but only to help relieve symptoms. I wanted to approach our sicknesses in a way that actually got to the root of the problem- the weakened immune system!

Back when my boys were 5 and under we spent majority of the cold and flu seasons on antibiotics and doing breathing treatments with steroids. It felt like we were going through the same cycles year after year and I was just so over that sickening merry go round ride, literally. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Well, I was definitely hitting my head against the wall. Something needed to change and I finally started realizing and learning that foods do actually heal. Now I know there are definite times when you do need to get yourself to urgent care and get a prescription, I have no problem doing that if necessary. But if I can use something I already have in my pantry that will help build our systems as well, I’m all for it!

So when the winter time sickies come around I like to have my arsenal of combatants on hand. Elderberry syrup, vitamin C, cod liver oil, essential oils, teas, kombucha and now honey fermented garlic!

We know the powerhouse benefits of raw garlic and raw honey- anti bacterial, anti-viral and their many medicinal properties. But have you ever tried to eat raw garlic whole?! No thank you! When I read about the garlic cloves being soaked in honey over time I was a little more willing to give it a second thought.

I found that:

  • It’s much more palatable, giving the garlic clove a sweetened chewy texture, almost like candy.
  • It’s more mild going down without that awful burn.
  • It’s so easy to make, literally just a few minutes and it stores without refrigeration (perfect for off grid life)!
  • You don’t need any special equipment or hard to find ingredients.
  • It’s a great way to begin to ferment foods.
  • An easy way to preserve garlic from the garden.
  • Another bonus is it not only can be used in the case of colds, flu, sore throat and coughs but makes a great flavor booster in your savory cooking. Hello honey garlic chicken stir fry!

I love knowing this stuff is pure, healthy and supportive of our body’s natural way of healing itself!

If you’re up for trying this super easy immune boosting remedy than head on over to Yang’s Nourishing Kitchen, where she is all about healing through traditional foods!

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  1. And the longer it sets up, the better it gets. Years add flavors to the rich, dark mixture that those who’ve not tried this elixir can only dream of.

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