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Hey friends! I just wanted to leave a note to say a big thank you for meeting me here in this space! It really means so much that you wanted to stay connected with our happenings in some way.

I have to admit I’ve had many great intentions for this blog but hadn’t actually done much for her. I’d like to change that. Writing has a way of unfolding my heart, an outlet of sorts and a good process for me. I long to cultivate and nurture it and I look forward to doing that here.

I’m finding myself in a different place, and these last few years have imparted me with some rather stretching life experiences and I have some things I’m still figuring out. Like the rest of us humans, we never seem to get it all figured out. Life changes, we change. Time marches on whether we like it or not. And we don’t ever arrive. But that’s part of the beauty of it, we behold numerous opportunities every single day to either live and grow or live and die. So do we seize the day or hide in our hole? Do we grab the bull by the horns and ride it off into the sunset? Or do we just BE, and be whatever we’re merely able to be for that moment, that time, that season? This is after all, the beautifully messy journey called life, right?

I might be rambling but bear with me as I begin to oil up this squeaky wheel. I don’t have a perfect plan or vision for this place quite yet, but I do know I want to share hope and encouragement. I want to share pieces of our life in the simplicity that it is- and that could be anything from baking, to raising boys in the woods, to homesteading and growing things and all the mishaps in between, to matters of the heart and the grit and grace it takes to survive it all.

Those are just some of my thoughts for now, but what about you? What would you like to know or be interested in reading about here? Let me know and leave a comment, I’d love to hear your ideas!

5 Replies to “From My Place”

  1. No real questions at this time. Love ready about your farmstead. It seems a bit primitive for my lifestyle. Love watching your son’s grow. Robert & Sharon Duncan

  2. I really enjoy your projects and updates on what you guys are doing and the process your using to do it! I love the whole homesteading concept and I think it is so awesome what you guys are doing. Also your garden, farm animals. All of it!

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