Enjoying These Days

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After a busy and eventful two weeks I’m finally sharing this post, again, but it’s finished this time!

I don’t know if it’s just me or this year seems to be blowing by in a snap. Perhaps it’s the fact that up north we wait and wait for the snow to melt, anticipating warmer weather to begin all the things we can only do until the snow flies again. Now it’s fast forward and I’m thinking “can’t everything slow down again?!” But no. It’s time to make hay while the suns shinin. To sow, grow and reap. To celebrate birthdays, live life and take each day as it presents itself.

My third born boy turned 13. And I’m crying in the corner. I still remember watching him in awe and terror attempt to defy gravity at the age of two. Jumping from anything and everything armed with only the superpowers from his cape. Being determined to ride a bike without training wheels to keep up with his big brothers, and conquering it at age three. Being convinced by his daddy that the very best and most awesome way to lose his first tooth was via nerf gun at age five. Oh he was so brave. I can still hear his squeaky little voice screeching from his room “Mommy!! Is it going to be hot today?” so he can decide to wear shorts or pants at the age of six. Or when at age seven, he chased a wild rabbit in our yard and it died of a heart attack trying to get away. So he skinned it and dissected it to see what it was all about. Camping and hunting in Tehachapi we came across a rattlesnake that he was determined to make sure was killed, for our safety. His slingshot wasn’t doing the job so we called for back up and a pistol. Of course he wanted me to cook it up and save the rattle as a souvenir. He learned to carve and whittle with a knife early on. Literally reaching new heights climbing way too high up trees. Starting a fire from flint and steel to cook up the animal or fish he just hunted and skinned and enjoy it to the utmost satisfaction. He was bred for the wild and without borders. Determined, independent, straightforward yet so funny. Strong in his will, yet sweet in his soul. He brings the “extra” to our party that gives more color and flavor. He has been the boy that’s stretched my mama heart the most, with challenges and not always seeing eye to eye (we approach things differently) that has allowed many good circumstances for my grays to emerge. But he has grown me in the places I’ve needed it most. Motherhood is so refining, so sanctifying.

We celebrated Mitchell turning 13 with his special dinner request. Steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus ending with a chocolatey tiramisu dessert. We had friends come up to visit and joined the party. A few days later he had a few buddies for a sleepover. More special food requests; lasagna and chocolate cake with specific ice cream flavors. Then cinnamon sugar sourdough bagels in the morning. The way to a boys heart is food, always.

These days aren’t slowing down a bit but I’m enjoying them more than I ever have knowing full well today won’t come again.

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