Looks Like I’m In Business!

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You guys, it worked! You don’t know how happy I am! It was such a relief to finally find a way to get a post out to you. Anyone who’s followed us know most of our challenges living off-grid. Especially with the lack of internet. We’ve found our little tricks to get phone calls and texts through, like making sure our phones are placed in a high spot leaning against a window. My dad always jokes to send a kid up a tree with the phone! We have a signal booster that works when our generator is running, and that works pretty well. Especially if we need to download anything, or on a good day, stream a show. But nothing is fast by any means, think of the days of the ol’ dial up internet. That’s how I compare it.

Last year Starlink began launching satellites in the northern region here for satellite internet. It’s been in beta testing for some time but it’ll soon be available for us in late summer and we cannot wait! We’ve heard great things about speed and function from friends who have it and know it’ll be a game changer for us. With homeschooling, doing research, even online classes, for Josh’s business and for me “trying” to blog. Don’t get me wrong, being “unplugged” has a lot of benefits and I enjoy it most of the time. But it’s really difficult to function in such technological times without internet. We’ve made do all these years, but nothing is convenient. While it’ll be much welcomed the day it comes, I’ll be sure to appreciate that-time-when-we-didn’t-have-internet too.

Side note- aren’t these blooms beautiful?! Sadly, they don’t belong to us, it’s from a tree in town. We won’t have anything blooming here for a few more weeks. But I will find the names of all the pretty blooming trees to one day plant on our property.

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  1. I’d love to hear what you think of Starlink. We are out in the country and I’ve been looking at this for some time now (signed up to be a beta tester, etc, but never pulled the trigger on it).

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