This Day’s For The Mothers

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In the last five years or so I’ve noticed I prefer not to celebrate certain holidays on the actual holiday. I’d much rather avoid the busyness and crowds if I can because, honestly, it kind of kills the joy of it all for me. The older I get the less of a “deal” I want the thing to be. So this year I wanted to do something simple and to get out of the house. We went to our favorite little place in downtown Sandpoint for sushi and ice cream a couple days early. The boys haven’t had “real” sushi from a restaurant yet and I thought this was the perfect excuse to make it happen. Except if it’s busy, or a holiday! The boys tried some new rolls, grew in their chopstick skills and my extra brave son had a good go of wasabi and had us all laughing. It was so nice to be out all together for the sheer enjoyment of it, we didn’t realize how much we’ve needed that!

I love my boys even more than the first day I met them. I’m constantly amazed at how much they grow and change in these years. Literally blink and your oldest is driving and has a job. Blink again and your baby is a whole decade and all your kids are in double digits! I’m loving how our relationships are evolving and deepening. How close we’ve become in these last 4 years. How I really secretly hope they all want to build their own house on our property and never ever leave me. They have given me such a beautiful purpose and I thank the Lord for letting me have a hand in raising these wonderful young men. I’m blessed to say the least.

And to the mother’s- I hope your day is the loveliest and you’re celebrated in a way that blesses your mama heart. That you’re refreshed to continue the mostly unseen work you do daily. That you feel joy and gratitude in a sometimes thankless job. That you know you’re doing an amazing job no matter the circumstances, or what your mom guilt might be saying otherwise! You are beautiful and are chosen especially for this good and honorable duty. Now go forth and indulge in that dessert or bubble bath or pedicure or long book or whatever your heart desires! You’ve earned it.

7 Replies to “This Day’s For The Mothers”

  1. So wonderfully said Des. You amaze and inspire me ❤️
    Wishing you a blessed Mother’s Day !! You and Josh are doing a wonderful job raising your boys.

  2. For different reasons, I don’t enjoy celebrating on Mother’s Day either!
    So this year, we went to Sandpoint as well!! We love that town and have our favorite stop as well ~ Matchwood Brewery. They have such great food and the most amazing staff!!

    Try the Cauliflower appetizer or the apple bacon salad ~ so, so good!!

  3. Awe… Des, I tear up at your heartfelt words . I hope you enjoy each moment as the years will fly by, each new season brings new joys to cherish! God is so good to give us special times . May we learn to slow down and enjoy each and every one of them!
    Love you so much!

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